Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fishing on the Rise in New Jersey

The extent of fishing, as a social enterprise, in the state of New Jersey alone is enough to fill volumns. I had a peek at an article this evening by Manny Luftglass in one of last year's On the Water issues on the Bogan dynasty. I believe 31 Captains go by that name, mostly in the Brielle/Point Pleasant area. Bogan is a name I've known of since the 70's. Saltwater is huge in our state. But freshwater has always been popular, and fathomed by its share of experts. Today it's bigger than ever, thanks to an extremely proactive New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife over the past 20 years.

Manny had been scheduled to give a talk May 3rd at Clarence Dillon Public Library, an event I would not miss. It was cancelled. I was informed that he would speak at Manville Public Library May 17th, and I marked my calendar. Author of NJ fishing bestseller The Top 100 Fishing Spots in New Jersey, and 20 other books, nearly all of them about fishing, as he spoke I clearly recognized him to be a master. Our state offers not only waters to fish, but is home to great sources in the authors of books and articles about fishing these waters, as well as about the great efforts in the industy, the Bogans, for example.

It often happens that getting out socially pays off in unexpected ways. A father and young son discussed their recent fishing at Ranger Cove, Round Valley Reservoir, doing well with largemouth. I've fished Round Valley Pond twice in the past week, and felt compelled to try the reservoir. I think that on Friday when I visit Round Valley again, I'll fish Ranger Cove.

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