Monday, May 16, 2011

For Largemouth Bass a Structure: Corner w/Weed Cropping, Seven Foot Drop, Round Valley Pond, Observe Micro Weather

For my lunchbreak, I returned to Round Valley, the pond and reservoir both quite different in appearance, since clouds hemmed in the valley, completely obscuring tops of hills. I walked directly to the far corner of the pond. Getting no hits, rain began falling lightly, then harder. I quickly marched for my car since I had no raingear, or plastic trash bag to protect the camera bag. But rain altogether quit as I walked next to the first corner, so I decided to give this spot a try.

With the 7 1/2-inch Chompers, I could cast fairly far, even without any weight. Making out the weeds beneath the surface well enough, I wanted to get the worm right in the corner pocket where weeds seemed to disappear about 25 yards out. I suppose the water is rather deep, perhaps eight feet, although I know for a fact--I've studied the map--the depths are much greater and sharper on the other side where I caught the two-pounder last week.

With all the umph I could muster, I got the worm right into the pocket. The pick up felt like a sunfish, but once I set the hook I knew I had a bass. Perhaps an ounce over a pound. Then I cast to the left of the pocket, nothing. The next cast I put the worm directly on the corner pocket, and came up with another bass, this one perhaps two ounces under a pound.

More casts yielded nothing, and I went to the far side, and hiked way down to fish a large bush that extended out into at least four feet of water. Nothing. It was as if, with the cloud cover, the bass had moved onto flats and perhaps they had. I felt the desire stirring to pursue them and discover where they were, although I hadn't done poorly in the other corner for what time I had.

Hiking out of the woods, I startled a pileated woodpecker feeding on insects in a fallen trunk, one of the large, red crested woodpeckers that are not a common sight. That was a good way to end my little venture. I guess it's been four years now since I last saw a pileated.

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