Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Round Valley Reservoir--Wasn't Skunked!

So long as you count an eight inch rock bass.

With this year's persistent quest to catch a truly large bass, I want a bass over five pounds, Round Valley is a great place to try, although results obviously have not been so easy as they have been at Mount Hope Pond--but the single largemouth I've caught in the reservoir this year was bigger than all the others.

You really need a boat. I remember, aged 17, when I owned a 12 foot Starcraft and 1955 Evinrude 10 hsp outboard (and Minn-Kota electric), my youngest brother and I camped on some far Round Valley Reservoir Shore to catch early June largemouth all day, all over the reservoir. Simply a matter of stalking them down with that crystal clear water. Then, from a distance of ten yards or so, we tossed plastic worms to let them sink right down in front of two to three pound bass we spotted--plus one that weighed at least five pounds, and didn't hit. Glorious two days I'll never forget, although I hope to replace the boat.

Not that shore fishing is all bad, no way. The hike itself around the cove near the scuba area invigorated me in the 84 degree warmth. And you can't argue with the bass I caught Friday. Besides, a lot of sun raked those gin clear bottoms I let my Senco sink to today--then a thin, light plastic worm with a split shot after I lost the last of my Sencos to rocks or whatever--one of them I thought might have been cut off by a pickerel.

I began by that dock near the campers' launch. Having conversation with a fellow angler, I had a bass take my Senco within 10 minutes, a little way down near the edge of a protruding shelf of shallows. Having missed the hit, my partner tossed his blue/purple Senco to the same area, had a take, and pulled in a 10 inch bass.

"There he is," he said. I forget exactly what he called a small bass, but he noted that they're aggressive.

The quest continues--over five pounds, easier by boat for sure. And by the way, if any of you think of any comments to add, feel free to do so, and I'll surely answer you. 

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