Saturday, December 17, 2011

Awaiting Ice Fishing and the New Year

I suppose some stripers still come out of the suds at night this late in the game. On a calm surface, I bet a needlefish, with a teaser ahead and just underneath, can still draw a take. But I just got surgery done for the miniscus of my right knee, so I'm out of the game awhile. I fished three or four nights this fall, and it was dicey sometimes with hard wash, sinking sand, and that disabled knee. I went almost three months before I finally conceded it needed medical attention.

Looking forward to ice fishing. Mild winters like that we have this season, apparently, we usually fill with at least a week of safe ice, although usually much more time than that. Walleyes are being caught while vertical jigging on Hopatcong, a few go out and catch them, as well as, possibly, hybrid stripers, which also come through the ice on jigs occasionally. Trout remain available from shore at Round Valley, and I think I'll try a few times for them over the winter. I like to set out a line, then sit back and read as I wait, checking line avidly from time to time.

This may not be my last post of the year, I wrote down some big ideas for posts, if I can find where I put the paper, but looking back over the year, it was a good one for me. Particularly May and June I did so well with largemouth, catching two and three-pounders on a routine basis, a regular exercise that essentially got me out of routine, but was nice for the dependability. All sorts of adventures are in this blog's archives, and will haunt the web for a long time to come. I look forward to the coming year, especially hoping now to catch stripers and bluefish in the spring.

Could be fun on the ice yet. I finally gave up the split bar--except for fresh ice. Bought a brand new Eskimo power auger. But that iron rod of mine is special. I will never let it go. 

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