Friday, March 30, 2012

Passaic River with Pike in Mind

 Had only 20 minutes to fish the Passaic River on my lunch break. This second time I've ever fished it I got skunked, as if anything more would be expected on such a short stint. I caught three smallmouth bass in 2006 or '07. First time I've fished a Storm Thunderstick. I really like this plug. It has excellent bouancy, but it gets down a few feet and responds very well to tip action. If any pike stalked it I would be surprised. However, plenty pike are in the river. Stocked by the state each year, the fingerlings grow fast and large. Considering that this is New Jersey, the 46-incher reported by the angler who wrote a great piece on Passaic pike for On the Water magazine is a huge fish.

Should get out again next week. I'm off work and pike are on the agenda. Spruce Run usually yields a few for my son and I and friends. I want to try Ryker's Lake for bass too, although the main focus of this trip will be snakes, as my son observes and photographs many different species. Ryker's Lake is reportedly a mile hike into the wild, so this should be interesting.

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