Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rebel Pop-R Strike, I Imagine Plenty Bass have been Caught on Surface Past Week in New Jersey

Shot's from last year, but certainly bass will strike balsa plugs with this heat. I wonder if some ponds won't have spawning beds by Thursday afternoon. It seems unlikely, given that night temps will dip into the 40's. Water temps will probably reach the mid-60s in some ponds Thursday afternoon with 85 degree air temperatures, perhaps 87--weathermen having been running 5 to 8 degrees under actual afternoon highs--but largemouth need temperatures sustained over a period of afternoons at about 65. So is Saturday out of the question? The earliest I remember bass spawning in New Jersey is April 16th.

Well hit the beach and sunbathe.

If you know of a clean water pond, take a swim.

Happy first day of summer.

I did cast a Rebel Pop-R well after sunset for a ferocious strike, certainly a two pound bass at least. But I was surprised I didn't catch any. Give it a try on Thursday I think.

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