Monday, April 30, 2012

Our New Inflatable Boat--it Works! Merril Creek Reservoir Under Duress of Wind, Cold, and Maximum Sun

It's been so many years since I've registered a boat; I forgot all about the numbers for our new inflatable, but I had the card and the stickers, took my chances of a marine police visit, those chances negligible. Instructions for numbers are on the back of the stickers, but I had never turned them over to look.

Looks like snow in the black & white, and it sort of felt like it by 7:00 when we began to head in after three or four hours. Heavy wind never allowed us out of the launch cove, but it's a large area with plenty deep water, surface temperature never rising above 56, cold for this time of year. And without a cloud in the sky, I just resigned myself to herring, shiners, and nightcrawlers, besides trolling a 10- foot diving crankbait in hopes of a trout. I had thought the kids might try crankbaits with me, but we're just getting acquainted with this cozy boat--comfortable for being so soft, cushions--cramped and very low to the water.

I definitely felt today that once I can spring for an aluminum rig, I'm buying it. But I also felt--hey, this works, though it's a lot of work. For the interim, which would I prefer: to have a boat or not? So the work is worthwhile. 

It's my son's gift from an uncle. I bought the Minn-Kota Endura 55, etc. He's not 16 yet to earn the boater's safety certificate and use the machine, which has such thrust that the first time I clicked to maximum, I almost destroyed the motor by dunking within a minute of trying 'er out. The motor plate angled against the give of the air inflation. In a nick of time I clicked to lower thrust. 

We enjoyed the day. My son, Matt, felt animated. Anderson took a lot in. I enjoy wildlife and today we saw four bald eagles together in the sky. A first for me. Also spotted an osprey.

Matt missed hits from panfish on nightcrawlers. He's known the difference for many years. This was all for us. I need to get a plexi-plate to mount the portable graph transducer. We never marked a fish, though I managed to get some readings.

Spoke to guys from two boats--one had a laker, the other two lakers and two browns. Of course I was a little jealous, only slightly. It's much more important to know exactly where you are with your own equipment and keep right on growing piece by every little piece.


  1. what kind of inflatable do you fish?

  2. AD, it's a 5 man Intex Excursion. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I was really inexperienced with the technology & format. I think I replied in a later post, but you probably found this post by a Google keyword. Used it only one more time since, at Split Rock Reservoir, but we do plan on using at least once next year. It's pretty trying with air filling, etc. Can't sit high in it. But it's better than nothing, I think.


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