Monday, April 23, 2012

World Headquarters under Watchung Ridge Shadow

That's how the AT&T World Headquarters stretch of the North Branch Raritan appeared on April 15th last year. Of course this year the plants were about as green as July with the early heat. Bell Labs (now Lucent/Alcatel) relates the world's ancillary electronic diversity to this spot. One bridge is the entryway and the other, the exit. Experimental minds at work over many years laid the groundwork for what was to fill headquarters and is now. Alexander Graham Bell didn't begin in Murray Hill, New Jersey, but his bust remains under Lucent/Alcatel's purveyance. I go fishing under these bridges and wonder about the Watchung Ridge above--ancient volcanic remains--and how World Headquarters situates so smoothly in the shadows as one of many expressions in millions of years of environmental continuity. 

Not that we aren't significant!

All that depressive mongering about how immense time and the universe is, and how therefore we are insignificant. To think so many fell for this strategy. No Way, and I am not a religious Fundamentalist in response, as if you haven't figured this out reading my blog.

With the rain torrents, water levels have risen and perhaps will fall enough by Wednesday for some salmon egg drifting. Friday evening low tide will be right at DeKorte Park. So I may go to the Meadowlands yet for striped bass.

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