Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spruce Run Reservoir Fishing: The Tax Man!

 West on 78, passing the Anandale exit (but that was Anandale VA cited by Steely Dan; I knew someone at Lynchburg College from Alexandria & familiar with the band's roots in that area), approaching Route 31 I remembered listening to the Beatles, 2007, having just caught some nice pike at Van Syckle, and every time since as I've returned I hear in my head Lennon's refrain lines as if taking on the role of governments. I love how he levels.

We felt great just as we got to the parking lot. We've done this since 2005 in the spring. But today I even put nightcrawlers out on two rods to just let them sit. In recent years, usually we catch at least one brown trout, have caught a channel catfish. Nothing today. Speaking of the Husky Jerk in yesterday's post, that's what I used last evening and got one hit that just didn't seem all that deliberate when I let the lure pause. Whatever took tried to take it away, but not with enough of a mouth around it for me to get the hooks in. My son fished that Storm Thunderstick I mentioned in the Passaic River post. Nothing.

"The cold front shut it down," someone told me. But it was very mild yesterday. And pike hit Husky Jerks with water in the low 40's sometimes. I saw some baitfish leap at the surface--that's not real cold water. The warm water season is here. My other blog. Maybe dormant now, but plenty of posts.

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