Friday, April 20, 2012

Windy, Sunny Conditions, 75 degrees, Made Bass Fishing Tough at Round Valley

I noticed no baitfish activity, spotted no bass or panfish at Round Valley. Speaking to a couple groups of anglers, including the guys in this boat trolling, no action at all. I stuck with my Strike King Senko-type worm rigged wacky. I had a half hour to fish it as persistently as I could. The bass may have been pretty deep, hiding from so much sun. Weightless Strike Kings get down to 15 to 20 feet easily. People say that wind on the water helps by breaking up light, but I usually find windy conditions this time of year through the summer aren't as productive. I often do well in the fall with wind.

With minutes to spare, I marched up to the pond aside from the reservoir hoping that warmer water might yield a bass in my favorite corner. Someone was fishing it. He had caught a few bass along the far shoreline. I made half a dozen casts further along the dike, then quickly hiked out after taking a few more photographs. It's early in the season yet. 

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