Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Crankbait and Jig & Worm for Pre-Spawn Largemouth

Mount Hope Pond is mostly about 15 feet deep, so it doesn't warm as fast as shallower, dingier ponds. For lunch break, I fished almost an hour, saw no bass, nor any sunfish, and the pond is loaded with panfish.

Storm's Hot 'n Tot was a pleasure to try. I've never seen a crankbait float so fast. It's got a quick action this way. I'm looking forward to trying this on Merrill Creek Reservoir. The Chompers weightless worm I did so well on May through July last year seemed too subtle for deep, spread out bass, cruising somewhere down along the edge where 15-foot flat bottom begins to rise to shallows, probably in between, on the ready to spawn as soon as afternoon water temperatures remain in the mid 60's a while.

So I tied on a Shaky Head jig and snagless rigged a twister Culprit worm. I let it sink. Waited. Hopped it a couple feet up, then let it free fall so it would strike bottom and perhaps draw attention.

It didn't work. But it was fun trying.

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