Monday, May 14, 2012

Largemouth Bass & Pickerel! Plastic Worms, Spinnerbaits in Rain; Round Valley Reservoir Pond & Elsewhere

Fishing Round Valley Pond with Chomper's seven-inch worms, just a size 2 plain shank, resulted in catching three bass, one of them close to 18 inches, the others around a pound, and missing five hits. I was off kilter, hate it when it happens, but it does on rare occasion. But the better of the bass I caught at the end of my stay healed the disturbance some. It wasn't the lengthier fat female I caught in the reservoir last May, but I caught that later in the month, and who knows what may hit yet.

Annual Scouts picnic this evening, I got a chance to fish a private pond, catching three bass around a pound and a pickerel about the same in 20 minutes or so on a spinnerbait. Gave my rod to the kids to use as soon as one asked. This young man I photographed made a beautiful first cast.

"Hold the line by your index finger," I showed him. "When you feel momemtum gain, release."

I praised his cast. He hooked and caught that bass! That was the first cast he ever took!  

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