Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mount Hope Pond Bass Under Cold Front Conditions

 Got plenty vitamin D today and with cold front (40's last night & forecast 30's tonight up there) felt skeptical of making day #9 without breaking figures by zeros in my handwritten fishing log. Had little over half hour to fish, hooked and lost a 16-plus-inch bass right at my feet within five minutes, and caught this smaller bass photographed. So potentially I would have done better than I did in all that rain the other day, which really doesn't surprise me very much. When a low pressure system hangs around awhile it's just another version of the status quo, and fast action happens when conditions change. Still, I preferred fishing in that rain and wind. No one was around. I was away from it all, and today sort of felt like the town had made the pond a big back yard.

That watermelon seven-inch Chompers gets to be the same damned thing after awhile. Today I tried an eight-inch blue fleck Chompers after I released this bass. Will try to remember to use these in sunlight. An eight or nine-inch bass swam up, pecked in the tail, then took the whole eight-inch worm in one suck, and I just pulled it out of its mouth intentionally. No use educating a little bass. It would know better when it joins the ranks.

Fished the east side. I am really loving manuvers among the sticks. This is my second year fishing the pond and I feel it's home already, know differences from last year and two weeks ago or so too.

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