Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pre-Spawn Bass as yet and Worming for them

Fished two colors Strike King Senko-type worms and a seven-inch Chompers for noticeably slower descent. Two possibilities: largemouth and pickerel, although I've caught no pickerel here in the Round Valley Pond, adjacent the reservoir. Last May I caught bass about every time marching along the shorelines. The low pressure storm clouds invited action, but the water is on the chilly side with no spawning activity yet.

Without much time to fish--maybe 20 minutes--it was good to walk hard, determined to catch at least one bass, and make quick selections: color, worm type, cast placement and retrieve length informed by success over the past two years.

Plan to fish Sandy Hook Bay Friday. Tide is right. I just have to be right and make that drive--besides any thunderstorm chasing me back to my car or preventing me from going to the water.

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