Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fast Action Pond Spinnerbait Largemouth Bass, Round Valley Reservoir

 Went to my walking distance bass pond without my son hoping to catch a dandy. Since it was nearly dark, I brought no camera, just rod and a quarter-ounce spinnerbait. I caught nine bass in under half an hour, two of them near two pounds, another over two, and one of them about three pounds, the rest around a pound-and-a-half--no real dandy, but the three-pounder pleased me, considerably larger than the bass my son photographed (above) a couple of months ago.

Wow has this four-acre pond become a nice bass breeding ground. But although they average between a pound-and-a-half and two since last year, I haven't caught Madam Five Pounder. My son did catch one this big about five years ago when the average size was 10 or 11 inches--amazing how size can mysteriously change in a pond. The pond has been there, full of bass, for 20 years or so.

With the rain and drainage influx, I knew I stood a chance, and nine bass in no time was fun.

Also fished Round Valley Reservoir and Pond this afternoon in pouring rain for almost a full hour, catching nothing. Sunfish took the eight-inch Chompers in the reservoir, but bass situated elsewhere or did not feed--no time to have fished that corner near the ramp which looks unappealing, but sometimes gets frequented. 

Near the end of my stay, I tied on a snag-wired jig with tube plastic and bounced it on rocks along the dike hoping a smallmouth would seize it. This is the second year that from shore both the reservoir and pond seem to shut down after Memorial Day. And I saw two 20-inch browns taken from shore on shiners May 22nd or so. I'm sure they have gone away, and the bass with them? Well, my brother Rick and I fished the reservoir from my boat June 10th, 1977 and nailed bass in 10 feet of water in the back.

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