Thursday, June 14, 2012

Walleye Tip for Summer Success: Beat Fall Action!

Steve Slota caught his first walleye on the Delaware in mid-day, clear water sunshine. But walleyes are adapted by the tapetum lucidum retinal eye structure, which is their namesake, for sight advantage in darkness, stained water, and water turbulence.

Most summers flood rivers two or three times. When river levels recede and clarity begins to return, yet producing plenty of excited currents and eddies, the very best summer walleye fishing may be had.

One late June afternoon in full daylight as water level receded, my son and I fished from the bank and nailed them on Rat-L-Traps, the perfect lure, in my opinion, for this situation. Our walleyes staged behind boulders in six to eight feet of water with plenty of current power, and the lipless crankbaits rattled right into range.

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