Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Round Valley Reservoir Bass: Summer Success

After work outing on Round Valley Reservoir with Fred Matero resulted mostly in smallmouth bass on jigs and Senko-type worms, although I got a largemouth, photographed. We ran straight to the back of the reservoir to rock bottom near vegetation clusters, plenty of deep water nearby of course since no place on this reservoir doesn't drop away.

This was my first experience on Round Valley catching more smallmouths than largemouths, but for Fred it's the usual.

I have a hunch that next time we go, sometime in August, one of us will catch a good bass. Fred lost a pretty good sized smallmouth this evening, and anyone familiar with Round Valley bass has heard about huge bass, and knows that plenty lunkers and good fish exist.

It was good to be catching bass on Round Valley again since May. I never seem to be able to connect fishing from shore after Memorial Day, but I caught more this evening than any one time out so far this year on the reservoir, most about 12 feet deep, thanks to Fred and his deep V-hull. 

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