Friday, August 24, 2012

Exploring South Branch Raritan River for Smallmouth Bass

More exploring South Branch Raritan River, but I had only a half hour, so I marched down fast and back. Further down this stretch is inviting; maybe next time with some live killies. Matt & I plan to fluke fish tomorrow, and just as important is bringing back a bucket full.

I've been catching them on Senko-type worms, but love using killies. Have to say that in the rare event, nothing beats a lively, large shiner that leaps away from a big, rushing bass. A smallmouth nearly three pounds blew apart the surface four times--the last attack leaping clear out of the water to close down upon the shiner--a few weeks ago. I had not a fraction of a second to let that bass run with the bait, and I caught her. But killies outlast shiners and are much less expensive. Smallmouths love them too.

Two average stream bass today. I have the feeling September will be good.

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