Thursday, August 16, 2012

Good Size Smallmouth Bass South Branch Raritan River

 Used a Senko-type worm, South Branch Rartian River stretch, to catch a nice smallmouth and two others. Some mornings are hard and forgetting sneakers and shorts easy. So I fished on more and less dry rocks and the heavy worm carried line clear to the other side.

Having fished about 20 minutes, I tried a pool with fast, strong current dividing it, got two hits, but left not 10 minutes later fairly convinced that most smallmouth action is in stretches and deep holes with slow current, a summation of years of experience, although I won't overlook possibilities at fast water edges.

Most might think walleye are deep, slow water predators, but I catch them in strong riffles four feet deep on the Delaware to the exclusion of bass.

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