Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Enlightenment for the Sake of my Novels: Eternal History and Being Down to Earth

Put out a line at Round Valley Reservoir. In an hour's time I saw one rainbow almost caught. A couple of them cruised by in water almost too shallow to cover their backs.

Thought I might have to take a long hiatus from my work on the novel, but I came right back around after spending time in the 5th dimension or whatever you want to call it. About two months ago I told my brother Rick that I would be toast if I didn't fish. I really need to get my feet wet and I never complain that my boots stink. They seem clean as a whistle.

Some achieve enlightenment for enlightenment's sake, but hiking boots represent what is more important to me. Life on earth. I think of the entire event of the last week or so as having informed my novel; that's what it was all about. I intend to finish it and continue on with other works I have in mind. There was a lot more to the experience than I may put into words, but the point is that I do have a purpose as an artist rather than being someone divested of endeavor for the sake of God.  

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