Thursday, December 27, 2012

All the Analogies Fall Short: Round Valley Reservoir Trout Attempt

Tried at the launch. Had stopped at Efinger Sporting Goods, out of mealworms until Wednesday. So I put three small marshmallows on a size 1 hook. I imagine a trout would take marshmallows without the mealworm. Who knows?

It was worth it. Most of the hour, I sat in the car and wrote in a notebook. But just marching over to the dock, casting, crunching stones and gravel back to the car, getting out to check on the rod, breathing cold air, snapping a couple of photos and feeling the breeze was enough to clean out my interior and raise my mood. By turns, my moods are not stable like a boat, but wild like a bird of prey rises, dives, and grasps with intent that won't let go. Actually, there's nothing wilder in existence than a man's interior life. All the analogies fall short of this one. 

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