Thursday, January 31, 2013

Round Valley Reservoir Has a Lot of Shoreline for Trout to Cruise

The whole air mass moved with the weight of a mountain as if falling into the weather system it followed. One of the gusts at ground level must have been 50 mph. I was reminded of having climbed Mount Washington winter of 1985, sleeping on the summit, and hiking in snowshoes along the Presidential range the next day, actually picked up and tossed into drifts by 80 mph gusts. The surface of Round Valley Reservoir tore, shredded by the wind gust that seemed to bear down from above into the water. I wasn't sure the turmoil would get trout on the move or not, but as I think of the situation now, no, any feeding activity would have peaked last night with the storm and the fish probably have been inactive since. Not that trout in 40 degree water streak about in feeding frenzy.
I wonder how many more I'll catch this patient season. I have little doubt I'll catch at least one or two. I've witnessed them feeding steadily in late February. It's just the matter of being there when conditions are right and trout are present. Round Valley is a big, 2000 plus acre reservoir with miles of shoreline for trout to cruise during the cold water season. 

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