Sunday, February 24, 2013

Boy Scouts Ice Fishing: It's the Sort of Thing They Don't Ever Forget

25 acre Brule Lake in Pennsylvania's Black Mountains or thereabouts must be about on the same lattitude as the Jersey state line shared with New York, but the ice was about 10 inches thick, unlike any here. Supposedly, the elevation is above 2000 feet.
We drove 3 1/2 hours Friday night, arriving well before midnight, and left this morning at 9:30. The Scouts built Quinzies to sleep in last night, closet thing to an igloo. And they caught some pickerel, actually quite a number of pickerel 14 to 18 inches.
Tom had cut the first dozen or so holes and set tip-ups. A couple of hours later, I figured most of the tip-ups were too deep and away from weeds. There are some largemouth in this pond, but apparently mostly pickerel are expected. So I slung the power auger onto my shoulder and cut a line along the west side, setting tip-ups so the shiners swam just over 7 to 10 foot bottoms. Not only did I finally man my own power auger, doing this made all the difference in numbers of pickerel for the boys. I found it to be an awkward machine, but it sure cuts through 10 inches of ice easier than a split bar.


  1. Thanks. Please let me know if I can use one of these ice fishing photos in a Scouting fishing video.

  2. Larry, go ahead and use the middle photo, that's my son, Matt. He wears the red, white, and blue ny cap. If there's any place for a credit, just credit Litton's Fishing Lines. Otherwise, that's OK. I'd let you choose whichever you prefer, but I can't speak for the parents and kids about the middle photo, the other kids aren't identifiable. All the best to your endeavor. Bruce


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