Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Once it Warms, I Will be Compelled

Pretty soon these barricades will be removed and campers can launch from the Lot 2 area. Round Valley Recreation Area will charge admission to the area I've spent most of the winter visiting in solitude. Beginning Memorial Day, not so long off now.

Quite a few dog walkers and hikers present in today's sun. No one else fished but one man I noticed briefly at the vanishing point of a bend. It's about time for me to get on my feet, walk, cast spinners, but surgery on my foot recently is forbidding yet, and my right knee, which I had surgery on over a year ago, is acting up, but not so badly that I can't amble about.

I sat in the car most of the time today and read Edward Abbey. I'm so into reading, I feel reluctant to get out and cast. But once it warms, I will be compelled.

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