Tuesday, April 16, 2013

No Fishing at DeKorte Park/Tried for Stripers Hackensack River

Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc at DeKorte Park, of course. I had checked the Commission website--park open. But the Saw Mill Creek Trail is not. I guess they have it closed because construction tractors are back there and need to be protected. Saw Mill Creek Trail is where the striper fishing on Saw Mill Creek Flats happens. Fred Matero and I tried walking all the way down to the back of the rear flat in hopes that we could access the Saw Mill Creek Trail from the entrance I photographed, above. I noticed a couple of greater yellow legs or willets, wasn't certain, on our way back out. The distant ducks looked like mallards, although I've seen shovelers, teal, and other species in the past.
With my sense of things and Fred's phone map, we accessed Patterson Plank Road across the Hackensack and finally landed at Trolley Park and a way to fish the river after multiple complications but plenty patience and perceptions, the first time for both of us in these places and fishing this river known for stripers and some big. And the first thing I noticed, besides mud flat exposed, meaning shallow, was the channel marker near the opposite side. It did reach the low to mid 70's earlier today (chilly this evening). But I thought, who knows, if it were 85 or 90, maybe stripers would move on these shallow flats. I did count about five feet deep by letting the paddletail sink.
We fished. We had adventure in the urban wilderness, adding range to our experiential scopes of New Jersey, America, and the world.

 Sawmill Creek Trail photographed through fence bars.
 Jets fly low right over Sawmill Flats.

 Hackensack River/Izod Center

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