Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rainy Day Largemouth Bass Round Valley Reservoir from Shore

All sorts of alerts in the media about heavy storms today. As expected, it rained. Often happens. 

I tried Round Valley Reservoir from shore and for the first time in June, caught bass. Three on the seven-inch weightless Chompers.

Weeds have thickened in about 10 feet of water, but with the inset hook, no problem getting the worm through. If I could get out in a boat, I'd fish 10 to 20 feet down and look for rocks with weeds nearby. It's not very difficult to find rock formations in the reservoir.

I've never seen such cloudy water on the reservoir as I did today, but that's either from wind stirring it and rain runoff from sediment along the shores, or water being pumped in. I wasn't certain which. Water remained fairly clear, but not with the gin-clear quality it usually has. I'm sure the main body is as clear as ever.

The size of the loon's head and beak photographed below shows it means business when it comes to fish.

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