Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Big Striped Bass Bunker Drifting

My brother Dave with his very first striper, 25 pounds. He went out through Barnegat Inlet with my other brother Rick and with Dennis captaining his boat. They snagged bunker, tossed them in a live well and quickly dorsal hooked them, drifting.

Pat where I work also caught one off Sandy Hook over the weekend, drifting three miles out over 50- foot depths, his 40 pounds. He looked just elated as Dave in the photograph.

Pat uses a cast net and practices throwing it in his backyard. Technique is involved, but once you have it down, it's a lot easier than weighted treble tossing from a boat. You can get 30 bunker in a single net throw, then just load the live well, and you're set all day drifting

Big stripers are still around. Whether or not they will be at the end of the month is yet to be seen. They've blitzed beaches as late as early July in the past. Since spring really took awhile to get underway, just maybe bass will linger late this year.

We're headed for the Manasquan dog beach June 20th and I haven't looked it up online yet, fishing or not. If not, maybe we can get some casts off the inlet rocks, maybe not. Whether or not my son and I are headed out on Dennis's 30-foot boat this spring or summer, no definite word as yet. But I intend to buy Dennis a cast net, if he will learn to use it.

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