Friday, August 15, 2014

18 Inch Bass Caps the Day at Neighborhood Pond

Fished my neighborhood bass pond for more than a half hour as evening approached. The water was still as glass. I began with my favorite Baby Torpedo topwater even though, owing to experience, I didn't expect it would work. I've caught a lot of bass on Rapalas under windy conditions here, but if my memory doesn't fail, I've caught only one bass on a strict topwater. I really don't know why. The pond is very shallow. My son has caught dozens on buzzbaits, and often in the middle of the afternoon.

So getting no attention, I switched to the reliable Senko, soon hooking a little 11 incher. Further up the shoreline, I got a hit from a good sized bass, felt weight on hookset but lost the fish.

I just took my time slow, as the fishing was slow, and enjoyed grass under bare feet. I didn't expect a bass when I felt resistance while fluttering the Wacky retrieve. I really thought it must be vegetation. When I saw line moving swiftly aside, I set, and I was into a nice bass, estimating the fish at three pounds, at least. It weighs a little more than that. I measured it at 18 inches, and it wasn't skinny, although not especially fat.

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