Monday, April 28, 2014

Big Musky Found Freshly Dead on Lake Hopatcong

Joe Landolfi pulled this 49-inch musky from Lake Hopatcong recently--freshly dead, floating on the surface. Whether or not it was killed after a poor release, or died of natural causes, is unknown. Joe suspects it was poor release and wants anglers to be careful. On Lake Hopatcong, there's a strong musky release persuasion.

On the other hand, I once read about a 10-pound largemouth found floating dead on Hopatcong. Unlikely, very, that this fish died from a bad release. I don't know of any Hopatcong largemouths ever reported beyond the range above seven-pounds and below eight, but apparently they're in the lake and resistant to being caught. Sounds a lot like a conversation about Round Valley Reservoir, where bass larger than the seven-pound range have been reported by divers. Fishermen have said they've seen them in the clear water, too, and they just won't hit.

Joe and many other anglers are busy with crappies on Hopatcong of recent. Some crappies caught recently have been over two pounds, according to Laurie Murphy at Dow's Boat Rentals. Knee Deep has surely stocked the trout scheduled for release by now also, and they're being trolled. Things are slowly warming up after a severe winter and stubborn spring.