Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Round Valley Reservoir Ice Eight Inches Thick

First time I've ice fished the reservoir, cut eight inches of ice and got skunked, but had a good time as always. I decided to place a tip-up right on my favorite spot shore-bound, and trail a line of the four additional out into deeper water, the deepest I fished about 30 or 35 feet.

I got there the same time another guy walked out with not much more than a jigging rod and a split bar. He came back with a 20-inch laker a half hour before I retrieved my gear.

"45 to 70 feet deep," he said. "I've caught them as deep as a 150 feet." I forgot to clarify his point--under ice or during summer 150 feet deep?

He used a Kastmaster, same lure Matt and I tried on lakers in Maine, and what I'll use next week if I go.

I wanted to sit in my car today, not that it was cold, but for old time's sake open water fishing. I'll try to venture way out there yet.

A lot of lakers get caught. Heard of a six-pound brown. Haven't heard of any bass or pickerel, besides in the pond. That's a curiosity, since a lot of bass are in the reservoir, but everyone goes for trout and mostly further out.

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