Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bass hit at Round Valley Reservoir

About a month ago Round Valley Reservoir thawed, now bass are hitting. This reservoir takes much longer to warm than shallower waters. After work, I drove over for an hour, catching four largemouths, the two biggest over a pound, others not quite. Released them quick, since they're not in season. The first took a Chompers and the rest a faster sinking Senko-type. With polarized lenses on I witnessed a bass provoked by the fluttering Wacky style retrieve. Missed that hit, but watching the jaws flex, mouth wide open, was enough. The others responded to subtle motion.

So the warmwater season is well underway. What a difference. I haven't met anyone who praises the winter we had, but honestly, it amazed me. A hard, difficult challenge that never burdened my getting out. I ice fished, walked the dog at 0 degrees, waded Peapack Brook shooting photos at 13 degrees and the like otherwise. I just hope hot weather feels alright soon. Never has been a summer when it didn't, but winter remains near in memory as yet.

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