Tuesday, May 26, 2015

South Branch Raritan River Flowing a Little Stained

Went to Neshanic chiefly to shoot photos, though of course I brought along my favorite St. Croix and Penn 430ssg. Wading across at the white bridge, river water felt like a bath, and trout stocked last week must have scrambled for any spring releases, though these are few if any down this far in the Sourlands.

The river's running pretty low but slightly stained. Always disgusts me when it's not clear, and I almost never catch bass when it's off color. This evening no exception, I didn't get a take, casting my favorite Senko-style worm, and just feeling freed for the exercise of placing casts directly where I wanted them to go, which would have resulted in at least a bass or two, I'm sure, if I could see the outlines of the holes through the water.

Light got real good for photography as sunset neared. I feared I needed my tripod, which I had left in my trunk. I almost decided to walk back and get it, then realized the light would be gone, as it disappeared minutes later. Shots are sharp anyhow. Two below I intentionally processed in soft clarity.

Left feeling exquisitely refreshed and reminded that the book I'm writing on fishing is worthwhile. 


  1. Lovely evening shot. Feeling happy to do the same kind of thing for the next couple of weeks. School's out!

    1. Enjoy Catherine. Find something purposeful outdoors and see it through.


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