Friday, August 7, 2015

Round Valley Reservoir Crappie & other Unusual Catches

Recently caught while fishing with Fred, the first crappie we've seen from Round Valley, on a twister tail jig about 20 feet down among rocks. I posted about it on New Jersey, and others said the same, years fishing there, no crappie, was I sure not a rock bass?

I heard of a big walleye caught in Round Valley Reservoir, years ago. Obviously, if so, someone tossed it in. I've only caught one little pickerel, but I saw a photo of a pickerel over six pounds caught in the reservoir. Mike, who I trout fish with during winter, witnessed a brace of five-pound pickerel caught throw Round Valley Reservoir ice, 2010, I believe it was.

And besides the trout records, the record smallmouth bass--the state record eel got caught here, over six pounds. Now how do eels get in the reservoir? Do they get pumped in from the South Branch? Fred has seen many big eels at night in flashlight beams.

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