Friday, September 11, 2015

Lake Hopatcong Report Solid as Usual

Laurie's report from Dow's Boat Rentals highlights smallmouth bass as large as 3 1/2 pounds, besides a seven-pound, three-ounce channel catfish, and some hybrid stripers up to eight pounds. No walleye reported from Dow's, lots of crappies on small herring and jigs are in the news, and Noel got out on Thursday, catching 20 or so crappie...and a 19 1/2 inch walleye... on jigs.
The lake has been good for smallmouths all summer, so little we hear of largemouths. And this despite the extensive weedbeds in a lake fertile enough to get you drunk, should you drink the water. They say the Lenape named it honey water of many coves, and if that were so, it's obvious they thought pretty much the same.
I'm sure pickerel have been caught plenty these past two weeks, and in any event, all summer I've got word on hybrids, big ones, and the steady productivity is enough to make you feel the lake's gneiss-studded water reflects the stolid security of this fishery. And that of the smallmouths, which relate to that stone as if the bronzeback moniker signifies ore.
Nothing but good news comes from Dow's and from Noel. But it's always interesting and never quite the same. 

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