Friday, October 16, 2015

Round Valley Trout Association to Stock More Shiners, & Small Brown Trout

Round Valley Reservoir's herring population vanished in the mid-1990's, possibly because all of the vegetation flooded, when the reservoir initially filled, had decomposed entirely, reducing fertility. To remedy the lack of food source for smaller and often thinner trout, Round Valley Trout Association began stocking shiners from Arkansas in the reservoir three years ago. 486,000 have been released.

More shiners come next year, and along with them, $500.00 worth of small brown trout, 11 to 12 inches long, are slated to be tagged and stocked in addition to trophy trout. This may allow RVTA further insight into trout growth rate, given the added forage availability.

If you fish Round Valley, my advice is to join RVTA. Membership dues cost less than a night at the bar and help keep the reservoir fishing productive. Especially, RVTA is a community among anglers.

Catches have come from shore steadily since I last fished on October 2nd. A neighbor of mine caught a 23-inch rainbow. A couple of RVTA people I know of have caught some rainbows; a 3 1/2-pound brown got weighed at Behr's Bait & Tackle, and Jim Stabile emailed me a jpg of four rainbows recently caught, 15-18 inches.

I look forward to getting out, possibly at the end of the month or early November. For certain, I want to fish at least once in January for lakers from shore with my son. 

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