Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Latest from Round Valley Reservoir

Round Valley has been slow for us shorebound bottom fishermen. Mike hasn't caught any since his two nice-size browns hit shiners going on two weeks ago, and he fishes a lot. He has no word since then of any other being caught, besides four lakers between two guys trolling in all that rain Sunday, top fish about five-and-a-half pounds.

I fished shiners, and I was happy to be out with the usual fare of catching nothing. I guess that says a lot for a place that most find too desolate and forbidding to visit this time of year, waiting until May when colors of casual wear flourish in abundance like flowers. It should say a lot, because contrary to appearances the park is full of life year 'round, you just have to experience beyond the mental constructions that would tell you "nothing" is there.

And I hope to get out and fish Round Valley again soon. I caught the five-pound bass I wanted so much last May, and I've caught two rainbows over five-and-a-half, one of them barely under seven, but I've never caught a laker anywhere, though I've tried at three places total. Sticking to shiners, who knows. Mike caught a 21-inch laker just weeks ago. I have heard of lakers caught on Power Bait, Merrill Creek Reservoir, but among shore fishermen here at the Valley, lakers all seem to take shiners.
A few out for a stroll in the 30-degree weather.