Friday, May 6, 2016

Capoolong Creek Photo Shoot

Came to Pittstown to photograph the Capoolong Creek, bringing my two-weight fly rod and vest just in case, and even my St. Croix with a spinnerbait for any bass pond encountered, if time. I did find a public pond so small I didn't feel motivated to fish.

As the morning before work unfolded, I just managed to do photo sessions in two places along the creek, the second requiring waders. Experimenting with both manual aperture and shutter settings together, I found out that it's easier to overexpose a shot than get the right balance. Once you do that, it's really no use in Lightroom. These shots featured I did in Aperture Priority, an easier setting.

At the second area of the stream I came to, someone trout fished and caught one as I passed him by again to go suit up in waders. Got my tripod, too, as I like to shoot at slow shutter speeds and narrow apertures both for allowing moving water surface to blur, giving that flow appearance, and better depth of field. Increased depth of field means the range of focus extends further into the picture so that objects at a distance get captured crisply. Even with today's overcast, at about noontime, necessary shutter speed at f22 closed at a quarter second, and that's too quick to create the effects I hoped for.

Always feels good to be out there, once I do something practical that involves bodily intelligence. Birdsong invited my musical sense, as if a reminder less of the environment's need of our respect, than my need to spend time in nature.

I got to work on time.

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