Saturday, July 30, 2016

Nothing Doing in the Heat


Went out at 10:30 a.m, temperature approaching 90, water pretty turbid. The pond didn't feel right from the start, though I catch a lot of bass in mid-day heat, and have here at this pond a hundred yards from home, too. I usually fish a Senko, since the pond is very shallow, no more than about four feet maximum and most of the depths seem two feet, so there's not much of a slow descent tease and I've rarely used slower-sinking worms, catching a lot by Wacky hook-in-the-middle flutter action.

This morning I wondered if I should have tried slow-sinking Chompers, but I doubt they'd have made much difference. We used to say a pond is "turned on," but this morning this pond was definitely turned off. I finally got into the attempt to draw a hit, after I lost a small bass of about 10 inches. Until then, my attitude reflected the way I felt about the pond when I first got there--nothing doing--but I didn't stay much longer.

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