Monday, October 10, 2016

Fly Fished Round Valley Reservoir for Rainbow Trout

Oliver Round and I fly fished for rainbow trout, the reservoir the lowest we've seen, this my first attempt with streamers and nymphs. Oliver's tried before when he aroused some interest from a palomino in clear view, if I remember rightly his telling me a couple of years ago. Steady wind made casting a little difficult, and after taking the blow sidewise after parking in the main launch area, we bagged it and drove over to Lot 2, finding a point out of the wind, but getting no hits.

Another of my outings before going in to work, I managed to get what I thought would be enough sleep, but I'm used to staying up until 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. and waking late to go in, so it's not simple. I'll do it again. I'd like to fish for the stockers in the North Branch Raritan Friday, but I'll probably wait until next week, after my son and I fish Lake Hopatcong on Wednesday, since he has school off.

Until we got to Lot 2 and stayed put, talking and casting, I felt that sense of being out to sea without a paddle all of us anglers know and feel a little embarrassed about when it happens. We like it when we're on top of our game, and when things make us feel our efforts more futile than promising, it reflects badly on our prowess. I think this feeling goes all the way back to when our species were cave dwellers and getting meals had every bit as much pride involved in sport as it did necessity. I bet it was no more of a big deal to them as it to us.

Parked in lot 2, casting to possible trout began to make sense, because the spot we fished has proven productive multiple times, and for all we knew a pod of rainbows could have cruised along at any time.

I said, "Why wouldn't a trout hit that nymph with a red ass? They love orange Power Bait." I kept winging it out there and letting it drift to bottom. A lot like I fish a plastic worm for bass.

We talked about the possibility of fishing Delaware River striped bass at night next summer. We could get to one of my spots at about 9:30 p.m.--after I drive to PA and back in the morning a day prior buy live's all about getting sleep right...and fish until 1:30 a.m. I'll be asleep by 3:30 and fresh for work later in the morning. This would be a weekend night, since Oliver has to work early. My son Matt might come along.

I do think about it. What it would be like not to complicate life by taking risks outdoors...with sleep and other things. I now have a sensitive tooth, because I cut 15-pound test fluorocarbon between my teeth a few weeks ago. At first I thought I broke the tooth. I did, a little. And I dread my next dentist appointment...anticipating the one thereafter. It's so easy to forget prior self-recommendations like: Use the clippers, and if you can't find them, as is likely, dig the pliers with the cutting edge out of the bag.

All I know: I respect people who stay within established routines. So long as they respect my right to step outside. The reasons I do are so deep and so many I would probably bore you to death if I attempted any list of them.

Even when soaking bait with three rods, the typical shore-bound Round Valley trout outing, at least in my experience, results in nothing caught. Plenty do get caught, but it takes time. I've watched some other fly anglers try it. I've seen no results, but of course--it's possible.  

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