Monday, January 30, 2017

Lucky 13

Around February 2nd, we have three consecutive nights forecast in the teens, no more than mid-30's during the day. This here in Bedminster. Far north Jersey will surely get colder and people who like to ice fish ponds may get out. Twenties in the meantime. Otherwise, more 20's and 30's during the day for the 15-day forecast don't look very promising for a secure ice season and the likes of the Knee Deep Ice Fishing Contests, but mid-February can still change radically for the better with a deep-seated arctic air mass. Climate change means more bipolar shifts of weather.

It's just that my hunch isn't the only one this year that says forget it. Laurie Murphy at Dow's Boat Rentals isn't optimistic for ice fishing this year, either, and she lives on Lake Hopatcong. All the best to anyone who will get out on a pond. I know how satisfying this can be.

So this winter, Lucky 13 is sort of hovering between the possibility of Round Valley Reservoir trout fishing, or wading the South Branch, fly casting nymphs. I might get out on February 8th. 

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