Friday, September 8, 2017


Has been awhile since I last posted. Floating more than a mile of the South Branch Raritan tomorrow morning with Jorge. We've planned this for months.

Cool weather persists and has given this late summer an oddly sort of seashore feeling, if you think of late spring onshore breezes that keep the beach 15 degrees or so chillier than inland. Neither of us will use waders in the morning, but it's rather obvious we could.

Looking ahead to the fall, I plan on fishing the South Branch with leaves florid or near-florid, which for most of you might conjure images of rainbow trout beneath reflections. I'm after smallmouths. I want to get photographs of bass and those colors in the background. I've considered writing a book on small river and stream smallmouths since February or March, and though this isn't a promise, I don't want to fail on at least the experience. Lake Hopatcong third week in October. Mike and I have this plan. 

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