Saturday, October 7, 2017

What's Up

I'm doing more finger work than leg work (or hand & arm work if sitting in a boat), but at least I entertain thoughts about what's up.

Spoke to Joe Landolfi this afternoon. He wants to fish Monday, but has a big project offer that will earn him a lot of cash. Just so happens, a friend of his from Lake Hopatcong died and his wake is Monday. So Joe is seriously considering forgoing all that cash (I won't say), fishing there with me, then going to the wake.

If we do go, good luck to both of us with this summer weather. I'm writing as midnight approaches, and it's in the 70's outside. Otherwise, I want to fish alone on Monday. Musconetcong River Valley. Not the river proper, but if I can find a tributary with wild trout, I want to at least approach some with my two-weight fly rod.

Our state of New Jersey offers real Americana to appreciate. When I go on road trips--to the Musconetcong Valley, for example--I really feel it.

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