Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Musconetcong River Improvements Expected

Clean cold Musconetcong River at the Point Mountain Trout Conservation Area

Central Jersey Trout Unlimited plans on restoring a section of the Musconetcong River formerly owned by a private fishing club. I imagine the site is somewhere near Asbury. Information on where exactly isn't available, gathering by my search, but the river as a whole--some of it designated National Wild & Scenic--is my primary consideration. If I stumble upon the stretch by hearsay or footwork, who knows, I might fish it with my son someday.

The unnamed club attempted to improve trout habitat by some agency or other, installing such structures as stone weirs and dams, which, instead of increasing catches, diminished the river's ecology by widening the channel, thus flattening the river bottom by increased sedimentation. Who Central Jersey Trout Unlimited will partner with to improve conditions, I don't know, but I have confidence in their plan, since I've seen a little of what restoration outfits have done. Work that holds its own over the years.

On the other hand, I watch what I see planned now, comparing this to what I might expect in the future--not as any expert but by what I've seen in nature--if what anyone might dub the resilience factor isn't high. Back in 2000, I caught a number of holdover rainbow trout during July and August from a Peapack Brook hole about six feet deep. Just about bottomless, let's say. Rather, deep enough to qualify, perhaps, for subtle groundwater release. Those rainbows were doing well, no doubt. After Irene or some other storm, that hole filled in with stones the size of basketballs overnight. Obviously, anyone involved in stream restoration anticipates the likes, and the agency designs streamscaping so the workers build and structure pools, riffles, holes and the likes with resilience in mind.

Here's a link for more information: http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001KePGi2SG3bVxQHfjYTiVr5wbIVWtWO13bcBFKi7_M0es-AEqq3ywwohlIlV7uUbIQMFrfOovv2OBqSZEaQ3l4N3JGhZtAm7iHEAJigEUYLzJKC5xdZw2bbVCOL_1lxYwF_kO8AVc-fePSGFUJf014LcOyaWtvBrmIjkXJ4LAaifjBLtlGEbDPt42RXoz2TZ74VacDhA65MeK5vFRCW0vJg==&c=-B5tGgyucqC_WDMr5OVS9NublkPpNPE_3DPmAdtgsv0WqDnVakC4iw==&ch=9gRu0BzyTx7UxR_Iw4vWyUIdra6OdVKonaw-iNvVTu5jxt4-CrdzSw==

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