Thursday, January 12, 2017


Nearly 70 degrees here in New Jersey today, so as expected, ice fishing is out at least for now. Unexpected plans mean I probably won't fish on the 18th, either.

Last winter was even warmer on a much more consistent basis, and some people believed we would have no ice fishing, but as winter is winter, arctic air masses pressed down and February witnessed ice fishing. So patience has us waiting for what's all but inevitable, though I really would like a good thick ice cover of at least eight or 10 inches. I just like the feel of thick ice under my auger blade signifying a winter that really means it.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Ice On

Won't get a chance to fish this latest ice, before it gets sketchy again judging by the next warming trend predicted with temperatures near 60 by Thursday. Too busy.

Spoke to Joe Landolfi on my way home from work. He can't wait to get out, so he plans on taking a day off to fish with me when I get the chance, which could be the 18th of this month, but my gut tells me ice won't be safe.

So which will it be, Round Valley, fishing from shore, or wading in my stocking feet when I know I really should use boot-foot this time of year?