Saturday, December 16, 2017

They're Out

Yeah. On two inches of ice, a 32-inch northern pike, and a 24-inch pickerel, from Budd Lake.

And I got word from my prime source, referencing interest on Ice Shanty. I got my news from NJ

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pond and Cove Ice Maybe

There may be some ice fishing on ponds, North Jersey, this weekend. Some well-experienced guys might try some lake coves, though I don't want to be one to encourage that, and I think the sort who may do it don't need any. It will be interesting if I get any word about the likes. I always like to hear.

Noticed a pond mostly frozen over while driving home from work late this afternoon. Thin ice, but on the way to that three-inch mark, perhaps, before it will melt back, if the long-range forecast is correct.

Last late fall was like this. I got out ice fishing with Mike Maxwell on Budd Lake, five inches thick, on December 21st. After that, we never got out, and there was very little ice for anyone else. Whatever this winter brings, I plan on getting out a little. Ice or not.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Fish Code Changes

Big changes proposed for the New Jersey fish code. I finally got around to finish reading my November 2017 New Jersey Federated Sportsmen's Clubs News, most interested in the changes proposed by the Division of Fish & Wildlife. Just giving you a heads up. It's too much information for me to want to go into much detail. Here's a link:

My camera came back by UPS yesterday. I've had the fly fishing I haven't yet done in mind anyway, and if you want to fish Round Valley this winter, Fred, I can't promise our schedules will meet, or if there's time to go, but I never forget the time I was unloading when you drove in.