Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Ice News

Phoned Joe Landolfi on the way to work about possibly ice fishing tomorrow. I told him about the pond here where I live. Open. He shot back about Oxford Furnace Lake, telling me he was just on it, 10 inches thick. I told him I'm awaiting word from Laurie and would phone him at 9:30.

Laurie says ice is seven inches thick at the shop, so at least in the coves, Hopatcong remained safe though all of the mild weather and rain, and that includes one day about two weeks ago that nearly hit 70 degrees.

I know. It's not that I'm surprised. I've ice fished at 72 degrees. I know of others who have at 80 degrees in March. I'm just cautious. Conservative by temperament.

Plans also proceed for Oliver Round and me to ice fish another lake. I would emphasize that it's another lake, not Hopatcong, and ice conditions, for examples, vary from open water here in Bedminster, to solid seven inches at Hopatcong.

I told Oliver, having judged the forecast, things look better for the next Saturday, not this coming Saturday. That said, I've known all along it's likely this lake we plan on fishing is safe now, will be Saturday, as has been safe for more than a month. I just don't care to blow a morning followed by a hard work shift by getting up before five and then getting surprised.

That's more and less so, anyway. Last week I emailed Oliver and asked if he'd like to risk it Saturday. We didn't, though.

Phoned Joe at 9:24, left message, and don't expect him to get back tonight, though I said he is free to phone. I would have ice fished with him tomorrow. 


  1. Are you sure you didn't call me, Bruce?!!! Hahahaha!!!

  2. Strike three and you're out! Have been watching my selection.


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