Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ice Holding Out Yet on Hopatcong

Here's Laurie's report today. Not surprising ice as yet holds out on Hopatcong, since the lake has no major streams leading into it. But now even Laurie is casting doubts about the coming week and March. That storm the other day might have been a turning point even for Hopatcong, ice melting with milder days, or who knows. Maybe the weather will turn just cold enough to make ice fishing possible next week, when I can get out on Tuesday, and I hope Mike also. All I know is that once those vertical striations weaken that thick ice, I'm not going out on it, and no one else should either, if there's not a four inch layer of hard and clear ice underneath striations working downward. 

That can be hard to judge, too. Four inches here? What about over there? It's much easier to judge safety on freshly frozen, hard clear ice four inches thick, because you can see any difference at your feet.


As of yesterday, there was still accessible ice on Lake Hopatcong. You will still need to watch along some of your shorelines. The ice in Great Cove was  just under 8 inches and on the Main Lake just under 6 inches  with access off the front of the dock. The Knee Deep Club had cancelled their contest set for Sunday Feb. 11 due to the heavy rain, although some guys were seen out there fishing in the rain and fog.  Their next contest is scheduled for March 4th. Not sure we’ll make that with the warmer weather forecast for the next week, but we will see. We still have bait and ice fishing tackle available and are open at 6 AM, 7 days a week. They have been catching some walleye on jigs and bait, along with some Hybrids and lots of yellow perch and pickerel.  I have also heard of several muskies in the low 40 inch range.  Please call the shop for up to date ice conditions. Have a great week...

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