Sunday, July 8, 2018

Snags Growing Out Below Full Reservoir Level

Reservoir water level fell below the 1982 record low on November 4, 2016. Level had been dropping since 2014, falling sharply during the severe 2016 drought. Level is still pretty low, and trees grow where water covered. Wood thickens quickly. Some of the trunks are about three inches wide

Went over to crowded Round Valley with my family this evening, carefully augmenting my collection of photos and doing a little bass fishing, though I caught none. Matt's fishing license got mangled and he failed to get a duplicate printed, since he seems to be shut out of opportunity to do that by whatever algorithm. He has to figure out how to get a replacement tomorrow, or else he doesn't fish freshwater in New Jersey for the rest of the year.

The simple and rational thing to do is print a few copies in the first place, put the extras where you know they are, and then forget about them. If you need one later, take it.

Like so much else, I told him so. Some people spend their entire lives forming sensible habits. (But at least they eventually do.)

Polar Cub planned, when we came upon the place on U.S. 22, we felt astonished to see cars awaiting to enter backed up on the highway, though we weren't deterred. Had another hot fudge Sunday. Also had one of those at Home Plate near Merrill Creek on Father's Day.

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