Monday, February 26, 2018

Thanks for Tuning In

It was real nice relating ice fishing info to you all these months, as it was last year, too. I checked the Knee Deep Club FB page, and according to that, the ice fishing derby is still on for March 4th, so the story isn't quite over, but be assured that club members unofficially have pretty much ruled the event out, by looking at the forecast.

I could get my rod and maybe catch a bass on a spinner over here at the neighborhood pond this evening, as I did last year with water temperature in the 40's at the end of March, but I have too much to get done on my day off. And then Patricia and I drive to Montgomery for a movie.

Matt comes home from Boston in a matter of days; we plan on fly fishing next Monday. Where is undecided as yet. He's taking rods back to school, says there are largemouths in the Charles River. Physics does require a tight high level of mental function, but I guess we figure that if you don't loosen that tension some way or other, you'll never think of anything new. Albert Einstein never fished Stony Brook, as far as I know, but he did walk its length near Mercer Road, captivated, as he put it, by what he found there by just messing around. (He lived about a mile up the road.)