Friday, September 28, 2018

She's Thinking of an Ice Season Ahead

With a low turnout for Knee Deeps Hybrid Striped Bass Contest, the fish did not cooperate as well. Lots of smaller fish, and only 4 making the board. Jack Dziduch, with a 4 lb 4oz Hybrid took 1st place. Second went to Ryan Gilfillan with a 4 pounder, Tom Sarnacki took 3rd with a 2 lb 12 oz, and 4th place went to Lou Marcucci with a 2 lb 5 oz Hybrid.  Hopefully a better turnout  with contestants and fish for next year !!!  The last contest of the year will be for walleye on Oct 6th from 5AM until noon on Sunday  Oct 7th. We will be open early for the contest weekend.  With the five foot drawdown being done this year, there will be a lake wide cleanup being held on Nov 3rd. If you are interested in helping remove debris from the lake, please check out The Lake Hopatcong Foundation’s website for more info. Even an hour of your time would be greatly appreciated…Several walleye have made their way to the scales this week in the 4 pound range, along with pickerel  some nice crappies, and lots of white perch.  Also being weighed in was a nice smallmouth at 3 lb 4 oz, caught by Robert Glinka. We will remain open until November sometime with boat rentals, and are always stocked with bait & tackle. Hoping for a good ice season...

Laurie Murphy